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Koh Chang is a paradise island set just six hours from Bangkok, but feels a world away from the hectic Thai capital. The island is Thailand's second largest (after Phuket) and so offers a mix of temples, beach resorts and fun family activities. There are lots of brilliant white beaches to capture on photographs of Koh Chang as well as underwater attractions for those with the right equipment.

Our Koh Chang photos include every activity from scuba diving and snorkelling to elephant riding and sailing excursions to nearby Koh Maak. Keen photographers will be in their element here and there are even the backpacker bars of Lonely Beach and plush resorts of Klong Prao are worth  a few snaps.

We have made every possible effort to put together a varied selection of Koh Chang pictures which shows off this Thai Gulf island in all its natural glory. Must-see activities are featured as well as plenty of colourful local scenes.

Click on any of the Koh Chang pictures below for a slide show:

Notes on taking pictures in Koh Chang

This popular holiday resort has plenty of photography stores to cater for the tourist masses, especially on popular White Beach. There are even specialist stores where visitors can download their Koh Chang pictures onto a thumb drive or stock up on memory cards or batteries. Tourists here can even buy cameras and accessories on the island, although with the capital so close it makes sense to visit the bustling shopping malls of Bangkok such as Pantip Plaza for the best deals on electronics.

Be especially careful not to offend locals when taking pictures in Koh Chang, and be especially careful if taking pics of girls working in the bars of White Beach. Thais are extremely forthcoming and will have no problem in being including in your holiday snaps of Koh Chang, but it is only polite to ask first for permission and do not be surprised if ladyboys ask for some money.

Koh Chang pictures will make a lasting souvenir of your visit to the northern Gulf of Thailand and there is a litany of great subjects to capture on film here, so remember to take your camera all around and snap away to your heart's desire. There are superb Koh Chang pictures in every nook of the island with colourful marine life in the marine national park, friendly locals and great viewpoints from the mountainous interior.

Safety is no concern in Koh Chang but avoid leaving expensive photographic equipment loose in your hotel room as this can be a temptation too far for opportunistic thieves. In general, however, those that are sensible with their belongings in Koh Chang will have few reasons to fret when taking pictures here.

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